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How to Organise a Funeral

how to organise a funeral

Amidst the chaos of losing a loved one, now comes the time to organise a funeral. Here is what you need to know, and what you can do to ease the burden.

When it comes to organising a funeral, the never-ending list of tasks and decisions to make can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. At Funerals of Compassion, we know how to organise a funeral, and offer all kinds of support to save you time and ease the emotional burden

We have compiled a useful guide that contains everything you need to know about funeral planning and the key aspects to consider. Whether you are planning in advance, or for someone who has just passed, this information will help you at any stage.

After the Death

Whether a death is sudden or expected, people respond to the moment in different ways, and it is normal to go through many emotions quickly. The first thing to do is keep calm, and then call a close friend or relative to let them know what has happened.

Afterwards, call the deceased’s doctor and request a death certificate. You will need this to have the body transferred into the care of your chosen funeral director. If the death occurred in a hospital or nursing home, the staff will organise the certificate for you.

From there, you can talk to a director on how to organise a funeral and other important matters.

How to Organise a Funeral

You are not required to use a funeral director. But most people do because it saves a lot of time. Plus, they have the comfort of knowing all the funeral arrangements have been properly taken care of.

From the first initial meeting, your funeral director will play a key role in planning the funeral and help you make the tough decisions along the way. If the funeral was planned in advance, they will make sure the wishes of the family – or if known, the deceased – are met and all the elements of the ceremony are brought together.

Cost is a common concern for grieving families. Your director will advise you on the total cost of each service and tell you if any pre-planned items have already been paid for. You should also find it if your loved one had funeral insurance. If so, you may be eligible for a lump sum payment to help cover some or all of the funeral costs.

If you don’t know how to organise a funeral, this handy checklist will help you plan the specific details of your service:

  • Choosing a date for the funeral – Most funerals occur a few days or a week after the death of a loved one.
  • Plan a guest list – Think of friends and family members you wish to invite to the funeral. By knowing the exact number of guests, this will help you choose a properly sized venue in a suitable location.
  • Finding the right venue – Choose from a church, chapel, or non-religious venue such as a lounge. Funerals of Compassion is proudly partnered with the Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria and we know how to organise a funeral at a suitably located venue for your number of guests.
  • Clergy or Civil Celebrant – Your director can help you choose the right provider and give them details of the event including the type of ceremony, day, time and place. If you wish, you can appoint your own clergy or civil celebrant too.
  • Coffin and casket – Funerals of Compassion offer a range of local and imported coffins, caskets, and urns. Each coffin and casket comes in a range of timber styles and colours to suit your budget and personal taste.
  • Clothing – Dress your loved one in the coffin or casket in their preferred clothing, jewellery, and other personal items of significance
  • Funeral Notices – Your funeral director will take care of placing funeral notices and eulogies in the local and/or national newspapers, and other media of your choice.
  • Reading Material and Eulogies – Talk to family members and close friends and ask who would like to deliver a eulogy at the ceremony. Also, discuss with the clergy or civil celebrant the type of material to be read at the final service.
  • Transport – We have a fleet of modern vehicles to transport the deceased from the ceremony to the final resting place. Most guests prefer to arrive in the comfort of their own car, but our team can offer transportation if needed.
  • Musicians, Flowers and Stationary – Funerals of Compassion is partnered with a range of local providers to present live music before and after the ceremony, arrange floral tributes for delivery and setup at the venue, and have memorial booklets and other stationary prepared by a professional graphic designer.
  • Repatriation – To return your loved one back to their country of origin, Funerals of Compassion can take care of the paperwork and ensure all the health, safety and relevant international guidelines are met.

Planning a funeral can be difficult. With over 20 years of combined experience in the funeral industry, Funerals of Compassion know how to organise a funeral that is meaningful and respectful. Call 1300 906 060 to discuss your options with one of our trusted funeral directors.

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