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We Offer Bereavement Support

Death is a natural part of life and grieving is part of the process. We understand and empathise with the emotions experienced through the loss of a loved one. We offer support and guidance to help families deal with grief and the loss of a loved one. Our bereavement support and counselling service, aids personal strength to fondly remember the life of the person you love. When a close relative dies, the bereaved find solace in talking about their departed loved ones. It is important that the staff and volunteers engaged in this service are prepared to listen with patience and sympathy. Our goals are to provide comprehensive and accessible bereavement counselling and bereavement support services.

Funerals of Compassion is always here to help and can assist you at any hour of the day or night.

Our 24 hour number: 1300 90 60 60 | Auburn: 02 9649 7000 | Castle Hill: 02 9659 2117 | Blacktown: 02 9621 6292

We are here every step of the Way

As you travel on your bereavement journey, we are here to help you every step of the way. Our bereavement support and bereavement counselling helps ease your pain. Although nothing can compare to the happy memories of your deceased loved ones, our bereavement counsellors will help strengthen your ability to cope.

Our policy is to offer a personalised and confidential, supportive relationship to those who have suffered a loss. Our counsellors appreciate that there is no set time frame for dealing with loss or death. We provide people an opportunity to express their grief through our bereavement counselling and bereavement support services enabling them to come to terms with their loss.

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