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Dear John,

On behalf of Jeroo Mody’s family (that is my son Yaz, daughter-in-law Kermiz and daughter Rashna) I extend my great appreciation in organising and helping me in delivering my sister-in-law Soonu Mody’s funeral (Soonu – my husband’s sister) which took place on the 21st January at Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium, Macquarie Park NSW, Macquarie Park NSW.

As you know, Soonu passed on Monday 16th January 2017, around 5:00 am, at Sirius Cove Nursing Home. The Nursing Home authorities immediately got in touch with you (and me), as they had all your contact details, given by me in advance.

Your coming over to my place in Mosman, and one of your staff going to Sirius Cove Nursing Home the same day and doing all the paper work was a great help to me.

You also arranged the booking of the funeral for Saturday 21st January 2017, had to leave a few days in between as my daughter was flying out from London as soon as she was given the news.

Also my thanks to your wife Vicki for her beautiful flower arrangement, which my family commented. All this added so much dignity and positive atmosphere to the funeral, the Mody family would call “Funeral” “A Celebration of Life”

Once again on behalf of the Mody family, my great appreciation for your understanding and support in making my dear sister-in-law’s funeral (Celebration of Life) so beautiful and dignified.

With my best wishes
Jeroo Mody JP

4th Feb 2017

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