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Love and Compassion go hand in hand,

“He was taking Mum into His care” said John, about my Mother Josephine Bajada, and with honour and respect that’s exactly what he did.

John soon came to relise what a beautiful caring wife and Mother I feel Mum still is, who made many sacrifices for her family and her love and affection for them and her pets were boundless.

John would say to us “What a lovely Lady, I feel as though I truly knew her, as each time I come I learn more of your family history and how Josephine came from Malta by ship, alone with 4 small daughters.” “What a remarkable Lady, I would have been proud to have known her too.”

It is a sad and heavy burden to bear for a long time to come but amidst the added worries John would always be there to help me.

When I chose the flowers for Mum, it was her Wedding bouquet I copied and John’s wife created the most beautiful arrangement of white flowers, interspersed with Mum’s much loved red roses. Mum’s Red roses always put a beautiful smile on her face and her eyes would laugh with joy. Angela’s expertise made the choice of Mum’s photos a heartwarming experience and we sincerely thank you.

So with grace and dignity loveingly bestowed on my Mum Josephine Bajada by John and his wife, and Garry, Rocco, Bede and Angela, was the highest tribute paid to someone who is ultimately held in such high esteem, by her husband Spiro and her 6 children.

Nothing was too hard for John, and his understanding and courtesy towards my family was unmeasureable, and we thank you and the team from Funerals of Compassion sincerely.

“When our two little Angels Snowy (our dog) and Jude (our bird) passed away just weeks before Mum, God thought these two were a handful, so he needed another Angel to look after them and He chose my Mum.” (By Carmen Bajada)

We love you Mum always and for ever and miss your laughing smiles, God keep you in His care for us. “

We thank you John
Bajada family especially Spiro, Carmen and Joe.

7th February 2013

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