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“2012 will be remembered for us as the year we lost our father and it is with sincere gratitude that I write these words to thank you for organising our father’s farewell. From the moment you walked into mum’s house to meet us, we felt you would be the one to help us say good bye to dad.

Your compassion, genuine care and meticulous attention to detail helped all of us walked through a very special time with dignity. For me, I am eternally grateful that I was able to have you by my side as I farewelled my beloved father. You are blessed with a special gift John with the ability to support those grieving travel a difficult road and you do that with such integrity, an innate desire to care and genuine compassion. These words can only try to express our sincere gratitude for the a gift you made possible because we are able to remember dad in a memorable and loving way. THANK YOU JOHN.”

Kind Regards,
Francois Alizart

31st December 2012

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