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My beautiful mum passed away on the 28th May this year.

John was amazing I had my dad in hospital between life and death at the same time and I was very alone, John was like a family member he never misses a phone call day or night I’m not sure he sleeps much but I know this, John was there for everything as a social worker you know how vulnerable people can be he never left my side.

My mother’s service was flawless I remember standing out of the front of our family home when he pulled up with mum.

In the most beautiful light of the day what I saw took my breath away.

All that I asked for and more, I covered mums coffin on red roses Vicki his wife is a florist and the roses were magnificent they were still alive and thriving on her grave.

 I know this people will never remember what you say but they will always remember how you made them feel mums peaceful passing from this world was matched by a service fit for a queen.

If you are after compassion empathy integrity and sheer love these are the people you need.


November 2021

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