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I recently had to say good-bye to my wife of 25 years. I rang around a few places as advised. Some big, some smaller. When l spoke to John though it just seemed to click. He asked the right questions. He had the right attitude and l got the feeling that he truly cared. I wasn’t just another job. This might sound a little crass, but I was also reassured by his prices. Not that this is all important, but when your dealing with an unknown it is something you pay attention to. Everything was reasonable. When we met and talked about what l wanted and what he could provide, time wasn’t an issue. l wasn’t made to feel like he had another appointment waiting.

Our service was a little unusual in that it was in the home, but everything was handled professionally and also with feeling. All the staff were appropriately and uniformly dressed, courteous but also human. I also had something different than the standard Order of Service booklet produced as l wasn’t having a Celebrant etc. It was more a tribute booklet really, and John helped me organise that as well. It turned out just the way l was hoping it would. The floral arrangement was perfect, and l mean perfect, exactly what my wife would have liked. And l was surprised but also very touched that at the end they walked the hearse away. It brought a tear to my eye.

Whilst l did not find John and Funerals of Compassion through word of mouth like many do, l would very much recommend their services. It felt like l had an actual friend helping me through it all.


November 2019

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