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Funerals of Compassion Reviews

“Its quite rare I find the need to write a thank you letter and how funny mere words along can’t express how grateful we are as a family to Funerals of Compassion Rocco and John for your professionalism, kindness and your complete organisation of our beloved loved one’s final celebration of his life, not only was it a beautiful ceremony you have been able to turn something that is so sad to our family into something that was a real honour to our family.

From our initial talks with Funerals of Compassion it was clear to me that you are not just another ordinary funeral service, but you real stand out from the rest of them and you are someone that really actually cares and fully understands how difficult this time can be and how absolutely nothing was to difficult for you organise for us and your personal touch on the day was like a ray of sun shine this really did confirm this to me and everyone else also commented on how professional and respectful your conduct was and how smart looking Rocco and John all looked.

Your efforts have made our family hold our heads up high and proud with complete dignity fully knowing that everything was made much easier by your services I can easily see Funeral of Compassion holding the best Funeral directors position now and into the future.”

Thank you,
Melita Vassallo and Family

30th November 2012

“Funeral of compassion is exactly that. My husband was treated with repect and our family with compassion and empathy. I had already engaged another company and was then recommended to use your company through a friend, I am so happy that I changed and used yours. Thank you Rocco and John for making the service easier for my family, making sure even the smallest detail was taken care of. The flower arrangements were magnificent and John rang several times to see how we where coping. My family and I can not thank John, his wife and Rocco enough for all their support through this difficult time.”

Regards and best wishes,
Julie Schuurman & Family

29th November 2012

“I would like to thank firstly John, Aldo and Rocco for the wonderful and respectful way that all of you showed on the day of my dad’s funeral. It has to be the most difficult and emotional day one can every experience. THANK YOU so much for helping me prepare my dad for the veiwing, You are so warm and kind.

The warmth and care that was felt by myself and my family did not go unnoticed. The small little things, such as the cool water and tissues that we given out to our family and guest was so unexpected but very thoughtful on your companies behalf.”

THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING that your company stands for. COMPASSION.
Mary Pace and family

24th November 2012

“I would like to say thanks to John and the team for the professional and yet compassionate arangment of my sons funeral. From the time they came to see me to the time we lay my son to rest they guided me every step of the way.I could not have asked for better treatment for my entire family.”

Thank you very much
George Loukmas and family

20th November 2012

“Thank you very much for including dad in the memorial section of your web site. I had a look and it’s a very nicely done. It’s another way we can pay homage and respect for someone so loved, who unfortunately is no longer with us.

Once again Rocco, thank you for the respect, compassion and honour you gave us at father’s passing. Your company truly lives up to its name.”

Kind Regards,
Vince & family

“I have sent you a thank you card but I feel it doesn’t tell you enough how much I appreciated everything you did for us during the passing of my mother Nadia Green. You were really a light for me in these dark days. You really have found your true calling in life. In everything that has happen you were the most understanding and compassionate person I have met throughout this ordeal. I have not gone through anything like this before and I am glad that I will always remember your warm nature and the look of real empathy in your face. Being in customer service myself I have really lost faith in humanity the way we are treated these days, no thanks, not please, no anything. You really have brought my faith back that some people out there really do care. I wish you all the best with your endeavors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Lots of love,
Vanessa Fields

“Good Afternoon John and Rocco, I would like to express my sincere thanks to both of you for your support during a such a sad time in our families life..

You treated us as though we were part of you family, even calling my husband on the day following the funeral to see how I was going, that was lovely and I cant tell you how much it meant. You did a wonderful job taking over the messy nasty side of things that I did not want to have any further involvement in and provided a funeral that sent my sister off with the utmost dignity, thank you. Thank you all so very much you were wonderful and a credit to your company I would not hesitate in recommending your services.”

Kelly Gray – Training Assessor

“Dear Rocco, Awesome, thank you again to you and Michelle for making today so very special and nice. I have had a number of comments on how lovely the service was and both dad and I agree..”

Thanks again,

“THANK YOU so much for a wonderful funeral service for my Uncle.

You made things so much easier, especially with the distance for me. It was beautiful ?the memorial book, the flowers, the music & the entire service. My father was really impressed, you made such a difficult time so much nicer. Thank you very much ?what wonderful service, much more than I ever anticipated.”Kind Regards,

Suzy Roe – Apptrack Stud

17th December 2012

“I am writing to thank you for the respectful and empathic way your company took care of the recent funeral arrangements. When these events occur, and even though my husband was very sick, it was still a shock when it happened. I had no idea of which funeral director to call the next day.

I think our family was very fortunate that we contacted and accepted your services. The family and I were very impressed with the presentation of your staff and the provision of mementos such as the signing book, cards and folder.

I would like to say that I feel your company goes the extra mile and with genuine compassion. You have named your company well.”

Kind Regards,
Toni Bracher and Family

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