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Funerals of Compassion Reviews

“When my brother passed away calling Funerals of compassion was the best decision that we made.The whole funeral arrangement was handled with respect,courtisy and and compassion. John truly went out of his way to make us feel comfortable and help relive the pressure and stress from our time of sadness,we had v.i.p treatment from start to finish,1st class service,a special thanks to John for his understanding and kindness towards us and my departed brother.”

Kind Regards,
Dianna Watkins

8th February 2013

Love and Compassion go hand in hand,

“He was taking Mum into His care” said John, about my Mother Josephine Bajada, and with honour and respect that’s exactly what he did.

John soon came to relise what a beautiful caring wife and Mother I feel Mum still is, who made many sacrifices for her family and her love and affection for them and her pets were boundless.

John would say to us “What a lovely Lady, I feel as though I truly knew her, as each time I come I learn more of your family history and how Josephine came from Malta by ship, alone with 4 small daughters.” “What a remarkable Lady, I would have been proud to have known her too.”

It is a sad and heavy burden to bear for a long time to come but amidst the added worries John would always be there to help me.

When I chose the flowers for Mum, it was her Wedding bouquet I copied and John’s wife created the most beautiful arrangement of white flowers, interspersed with Mum’s much loved red roses. Mum’s Red roses always put a beautiful smile on her face and her eyes would laugh with joy. Angela’s expertise made the choice of Mum’s photos a heartwarming experience and we sincerely thank you.

So with grace and dignity loveingly bestowed on my Mum Josephine Bajada by John and his wife, and Garry, Rocco, Bede and Angela, was the highest tribute paid to someone who is ultimately held in such high esteem, by her husband Spiro and her 6 children.

Nothing was too hard for John, and his understanding and courtesy towards my family was unmeasureable, and we thank you and the team from Funerals of Compassion sincerely.

“When our two little Angels Snowy (our dog) and Jude (our bird) passed away just weeks before Mum, God thought these two were a handful, so he needed another Angel to look after them and He chose my Mum.” (By Carmen Bajada)

We love you Mum always and for ever and miss your laughing smiles, God keep you in His care for us. “

We thank you John
Bajada family especially Spiro, Carmen and Joe.

7th February 2013

“Dear John and staff at the Blacktown Office, On behalf of my family I would like to thank you and all your staff for your professionalism. You made a very difficult time bearable through your attention to detail, personal touches and staff commitment to assisting us all in a very sad time. This was demonstrated by one of your staff recognising the distress of one of the mourners who was not able to place a rose on our Mother’s coffin. This staff member was obviously closely observing the service and found a rose to give to the woman in distress and this went a long way to assisting her in her grief. Again we thankyou very much and are happy to recommend the services of you and your company to anyone who [unfortunately] may need it in the future. “

Kind Regards,
Prior Family

6th February 2013

“On behalf of my family, I would like to thank John and funerals of compassion for the arrangement of my dad’s funeral. We are very satisfied with your excellent service before and after the funeral, your professionalism and your compassion. We would definitely recommend your service to friends and family.”

Kind Regards,
Okie Kusnadi

3th February 2013

“2012 will be remembered for us as the year we lost our father and it is with sincere gratitude that I write these words to thank you for organising our father’s farewell. From the moment you walked into mum’s house to meet us, we felt you would be the one to help us say good bye to dad.

Your compassion, genuine care and meticulous attention to detail helped all of us walked through a very special time with dignity. For me, I am eternally grateful that I was able to have you by my side as I farewelled my beloved father. You are blessed with a special gift John with the ability to support those grieving travel a difficult road and you do that with such integrity, an innate desire to care and genuine compassion. These words can only try to express our sincere gratitude for the a gift you made possible because we are able to remember dad in a memorable and loving way. THANK YOU JOHN.”

Kind Regards,
Francois Alizart

31st December 2012

“My husband had lost his battle with cancer at age 53. We gave funerals of compassion a call and John arrived at our home just 2hours later. They had been recommend to me by my best friend who had attended a service provided by them earlier in the year. Johns intuitive and compassionate nature made arranging Russell’s funeral easy. Nothing was too much trouble. John even organised to collect Russell’s ashes, and within the week he had delivered them back to us at our home, saving us the hassle. Hubby was a St George supporter and i I have to mention Vicky , who’s (red and white) flower arranging was exceptional. Our celebrant was a funny bugger and kept the service light hearted. I’d like a dollar for every time someone said afterwards what a beautiful service it had been. John has since followed up with a call (or five! ) to see how we are going. It is nice to know there are people of his calibre in his business. Thanks again John, Rocco, Vicky,(Anthony and Olivia), and Dave”

Kind Regards,
Donna Low

26th December 2012

“Mum and I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding service. With such an unexpected tragic end to 2012, God turned on the sunshine for Mile’s funeral and YOU put on the perfect farewell. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the perfect memorable day. Your service is beyond impressive and will be recommended to all.”

Kind Regards,
Roza Matanovic

22nd December 2012

“We would like to pay tribute to Funerals of Compassion for their sincere and professional service that they provided first on the passing of my brother on 28 March 2011 and again on the passing of my mother on 11 September 2012. We especially would like to thank and praise John Musumeci for his warm and compassionate involvement with us in the planning of the funerals and the carrying out of the days’ proceedings. He even contacted us after the funerals with a genuine concern for our mourning process. He and his colleagues performed not just a service but a kindness above and beyond the call of duty. We would also like to thank John for all his advice and guidance all of which made a difficult time more bearable and allowed us to celebrate their lives. We would highly recommend Funerals of Compassion.”

Kind Regards,
Marilyn and Joe Lang

17th December 2012

“Its quite rare I find the need to write a thank you letter and how funny mere words along can’t express how grateful we are as a family to Funerals of Compassion Rocco and John for your professionalism, kindness and your complete organisation of our beloved loved one’s final celebration of his life, not only was it a beautiful ceremony you have been able to turn something that is so sad to our family into something that was a real honour to our family.

From our initial talks with Funerals of Compassion it was clear to me that you are not just another ordinary funeral service, but you real stand out from the rest of them and you are someone that really actually cares and fully understands how difficult this time can be and how absolutely nothing was to difficult for you organise for us and your personal touch on the day was like a ray of sun shine this really did confirm this to me and everyone else also commented on how professional and respectful your conduct was and how smart looking Rocco and John all looked.

Your efforts have made our family hold our heads up high and proud with complete dignity fully knowing that everything was made much easier by your services I can easily see Funeral of Compassion holding the best Funeral directors position now and into the future.”

Thank you,
Melita Vassallo and Family

30th November 2012

“Funeral of compassion is exactly that. My husband was treated with repect and our family with compassion and empathy. I had already engaged another company and was then recommended to use your company through a friend, I am so happy that I changed and used yours. Thank you Rocco and John for making the service easier for my family, making sure even the smallest detail was taken care of. The flower arrangements were magnificent and John rang several times to see how we where coping. My family and I can not thank John, his wife and Rocco enough for all their support through this difficult time.”

Regards and best wishes,
Julie Schuurman & Family

29th November 2012

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