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Italian Funerals Parramatta

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Italian Funerals in Parramatta

Funerals of Compassion directors, Rocco Polistina and John Musumeci, are both of Italian descent. Together, they have years of experience arranging Italian funerals in Parramatta and the surrounding region. Their caring, compassionate approach is combined with a deep understanding of Italian funeral customs and traditions.

Italian Funeral Directors in Parramatta

Funeral Planning

Arranging a funeral can be an emotionally distressing experience for everyone. Particularly if the family has different opinions on how the service should be performed.

Your funeral director will consult you on your wishes, and if known, those of the deceased. Preparation will be made for rituals including the Catholic Mass, prayer vigil, funeral liturgy and last rites. Friends and family will have the choice to speak during the service. And you can decide who will be the pallbearers.

You can nominate a priest to perform the service in English and/or Italian. Or we can find a local priest to perform the service on your behalf.

Floral arrangements, music and stationary are provided for by experienced professionals. We can arrange our graphic designer to produce a range of memorial cards, framed pictures and condolence books.

Coffin and Caskets

Funerals of Compassion have a range of local and imported coffins for Parramatta residents. We stock Italian-made solid timber coffins, courtesy of Ionica – the only provider handmade, imported Italian coffins and caskets. We also supply a range of high-end and affordable products to suit your needs.

Repatriation Services

Are you planning on sending your loved one overseas? Funerals of Compassion can safely transport your loved one from Parramatta to their country of origin. We understand the strict health requirements for Australia and Italy.

We will help you find the most cost-effective flights and arrange all the necessary paperwork for you. Our staff will perform a follow-up call to make sure your loved one has arrived safely.

Italian Funerals Parramatta
Italian Funerals in Parramatta

About Parramatta

Parramatta has a broad range of churches and cathedrals in the area. Funerals of Compassion have a strong relationship with many religious figures in the area, who are highly experienced in performing Italian funeral services.

Parramatta is home to St. John’s Cemetery, which is Australia’s oldest surviving cemetery. The heritage site is home to many beautiful resting places. The site is regularly maintained and protected to preserve its natural character for many generations to come.

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