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How to Choose the Right Flowers for a Funeral

Choose the right flowers for funeral

Flowers sent to a funeral home are typically large, formal arrangements put on display during the funeral and burial services.

Aside from being an attractive display, funeral flowers are a powerful and effective way to comfort a grieving family, reflect on the life and achievements of the deceased, and express a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

If you are planning or attending a funeral, you may be wondering how to choose the right flowers, and what each colour and arrangement means.

By following these simple tips, you can contribute towards a beautiful and meaningful life celebration.

Types of Funeral Flowers

When it comes to choosing the right flowers for a funeral, the three most important factors to take into account are: style, colour, and fragrance.

Each of these elements play a crucial role in setting the theme and tone of the funeral, and the kind of emotions that people feel.

For example, the gentle white tone of lilies and orchids give off a sense of hope. The deep reds of a dozen roses may express feelings of love and purity. And the vibrant colours of carnations and sunflowers portray warmth, brightness, and innocence.

In regards to style, this choice is largely up to your personal preference. If you are attending a funeral, you may want to ask in advance what type of flowers the family would like to receive and display on the day.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

A funeral flower arrangement is largely based on how they are used. Here are the most common types of arrangements and their purpose:

  • Wreaths: A mix of seasonal flowers, neatly woven into a circular formation. They are most often placed onto a freestanding easel, so the flowers can sit upright and be displayed on one side.
  • Funeral Sprays: A long, flat bouquet of flowers made up of short or long stem materials. They can be arranged for viewing on one side (i.e. stand), or as a double-ended design to rest onto the casket (i.e. casket spray).
  • Floral Arrangement: Flowers tied together as a bouquet to be held, or placed into a vase or basket as a permanent display. Floral arrangements don’t have to stick to the traditional design, as they can be configured into a wide variety of shapes such as hearts, crosses, and vertical or horizontal designs held together by wire.
  • Flower Garland: A decorative wreath or cord to be worn by an object or person. Specially designed to be strung together, funeral garlands are often wrapped around the sides of a casket, and hung from a freestanding easel.

How to Avoid Confusion

Choosing the right combination of funeral flowers can be tricky. You want to be sure the flower arrangement reflects the event. And that the style you choose is exactly what the family – or if known, the deceased – really wanted.

If you want useful advice on how to choose and prepare your flower arrangements, consult your local funeral director today. For 24 hour advice, call 1300 906 060 or enquire online now.

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