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Christian Funerals

Christian Funerals in Sydney

Funerals of Compassion

Christian funerals take many paths in the realm of arranging funerals when the time arises. You may Anglican, Presbyterian Baptist or even Catholic. All fall under the umbrella of Christians

When any of us lose a loved one, we experience sadness and pain. Families can be assured that at Funerals of Compassion we are there to provide the support and understanding to help you through the difficult period. Feel free to talk to us at anytime about some of the post funeral service we can offer even if we did not arrange your loved funeral, such as grief counselling or support personal that would be only to happy to talk to you when you need a friend. We are always willing and ready to listen to you.

At Funerals of Compassion we have over 25 years combined experience in arranging funerals for various Christian Denominations? As an Australian owned and family run business we are able to give families that personal attention and flexibility to arrange a memorial service for your loved one, the bigger funeral directors are not able to achieve. Funerals of Compassion are about servicing your needs and arranging the funeral service that you want and know is best for your loved one and within a price.

Our staff takes particular care and attention to each families individual religious needs and customs.

Personal items such as memorial book’s cards and personal photos are all taken care of by our arranger and we liaise with the family to ensure every personal detail such as name’s and date of birth etc are accurate and checked. Ask us about our personalised timber coffin range, where something that is unique to your loved one can be arranged efficiently without costing a great deal. The same is for ash urns that also can be made up to be personalised for your loved one. Our vast network of contacts in cemeteries, ensure you are able to source the best cost effective grave or ash niche with our help. This is a free service we provide for our families. We believe families at the time of losing a loved one have enough to deal with and what we can do to assist is part of our care programme ensuring families needs are meet.

Our care is of the highest standard and every arranger that is involved from the onset of your arrangement will be present at your funeral to ensure every detail and request from the family is carried out. Families are able to access us seven days a week, 24 hours on any number or feel free to visit us in our suburban offices in Beecroft, Blacktown, Castle Hill or Penrith.

Families can also talk to us about Pre Paid funerals. This concept offers many people peace of mind. As an elderly person arranging a funeral, it offers you the option of making funerals plans the way you would like them and not leaving any burden or stress on your children.

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