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Celebrate Life: 6 Easy Tips for Planning a Funeral

Tips for planning a funeral

Planning a funeral comes with much stress and emotional hardship. Whether you’re planning one for a loved one who recently passed away or trying to get your arrangements for your own service, we know it’s a complicated process. Before you begin the planning process, there are several tips you should follow.

Following easy funeral planning tips helps take away some of your stress and possible frustration. Continue reading for 6 simple tips to help guide you along the process.

1. Don’t Feel Rushed When Planning a Funeral

Whether you’re planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one who has recently passed away, don’t feel rushed. This is especially true when grieving the loss of someone you love. A funeral director does not need to make the transfer immediately.

You have time to grieve the loss of your loved one. You should call the funeral director to discuss the options available to you, but always take the time to make phone calls and have friends or family come out to spend time with your loved one before beginning the funeral process. We understand the importance of taking your time, and you should never feel rushed through the process.

2. Know Your Budget

Have a budget planned out before making the arrangements. Knowing your budget ahead of time helps drastically. Things to plan a budget for include, but are not limited to the following funeral products:

  • The service
  • The coffin or urn
  • Gravestone
  • Flowers
  • Other items desired at the service

It might be advisable to look into burial packages that include some of these costs.

Plan out your budget out so that you know your price point. If you become overwhelmed with the financial aspect, know that there are options out there to help you. Prepaid and budget funerals are available.

3. Decide the Type of Service

Before deciding on the type of service, it’s essential that you choose between burial or cremation. Although burial plots can be expensive, if you have a previously purchased plot, this might save you money. Cremation is a more affordable option, and you’re given more flexibility on the placement.

After deciding on burial or cremation, there are several types of funeral services to choose from. Having an idea of your different options ahead of time is a great way to plan for the service. Take a look at the following types of services and see which one is best for you.

Prepaid Funeral

It’s best to choose a prepaid funeral plan when planning out a service for yourself. This can be done at any age and is the best way to ensure no financial burdens are left on your family. By selecting a prepaid funeral plan, not only will you set up your own way of paying for the service, but you’ll set up your exact wishes as well.

Everyone has different wishes for their own funeral, and a prepaid funeral will give you just that.

Budget Funerals

Choosing a budget funeral service with us saves you money without compromising quality. Our professionals work with you to plan out a simple service yet still meets all of your requirements. You can have full confidence in us that the service we provide you will fit all your budget and other needs.

RSL Funeral Services

RSL (Returned and Services League of Australia) funeral services are also available for those who have lost a serviceman. We offer special RSL packages for returned servicemen.

Traditional and Religion

With Funerals of Compassion, you have the choice of a traditional service or a religious service. It’s important to plan this out before arranging the funeral. If you’re planning the service for yourself, choose the one you desire.

If you’re planning it for a loved one, consider if they’re religious or if they’d rather like a celebration style instead. You or your loved one’s religion is not a factor that’ll hold you back from arranging a service with us. We work with all religions and what is important to us is that the funeral is how you’d like it.

From Catholic funerals to Hindu funerals and anything in between, we are here to help.

4. Personalise the Service

Know how you would like to personalise the service. Personalisation include but are not limited to the following:

  • Who’ll officiate the service?
  • Who’ll deliver the eulogies?
  • Who’ll read the prayers or other readings?
  • What songs and music will play?
  • What organisation might you want attendees to donate to?

These are some common questions to ask yourself when thinking about the personalisation of the service.

5. Know the Number of Attendees

You should have a good idea of the number of attendees for the service. Make a list of all the people whom you would like to invite. Consider possible clubs, organisations, groups, or others that you might want to invite as well.

Once invitations are sent out, have a reasonable estimate of how many people will attend as this will help you in the planning process.

6. Put Together an Items and Services Checklist

A great tip for planning a funeral is to have a checklist put together for items and services. The funeral director will be a big help in arranging these items and putting the list together with you. And although these items are common for funerals, they’re not all mandatory, and you might be able to save by putting some together yourself.

  • The coffin or urn
  • Gravemarker, gravestone, or tombstone
  • Transportation for the family
  • Photos for displaying
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Orders of service
  • Thank-you cards
  • Online or newspaper notices
  • Memorial book
  • Catering

Keeping a checklist handy of all necessary or desired items is the best way to keep yourself on track budget wise and to keep yourself from forgetting anything.

Find a Funeral Director You Trust

These 6 funeral planning tips are essential for reducing stress and making the process as easy as possible. While keeping these tips in mind, you’ll want to find a funeral director that you trust. Here at Funerals of Compassion, we are a family-owned business dedicated to providing you with the personal touch and compassion you need.

Contact us today to see how we can help you and begin your planning process.

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